Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Rutherford Revised (274

274. To James Murray                                                                         From Aberdeen Nov 21 1637

(A writer in Edinburgh)

Dear brother, - I received your letter. I am in good health of body but far better in my soul. I find my Lord no worse than His word. 'I will be with him in trouble,' is made good to me now. He hears the sighing of the prisoner. Brother, I am comforted in my royal Prince and King. The world does not know our life; It is a mystery to them. We have the sunny side of the world, and our paradise is far above theirs; yes, our weeping is above their laughing, which is only like the crackling of thorns her a pot. And therefore we have good reason to fight it out, for the day of our honours is approaching. My Lord Jesus is kind to me, and has taken the mask off His face, and is content to forget what is past. I dare not complain of Him. And for my silence, I lay it before Christ: I hope it will be a speaking silence. He who knows what I would, knows that my soul desires no more than that King Jesus be great in the north of Scotland, in the south and in the east and west, through my sufferings for the freedom of my Lord's house and kingdom. If I could keep good relations, in the future, with Christ, I would fear nothing. But oh, oh, I complain of my fearful out breaking! I tremble remembering a new separation between Him and me; and I have reason, what sickness and sad days I have had for his absence who has now come! I find Christ cannot long be unkind: our emotions yearn within Him; He cannot long smother love; it must eventually break out. Praise, praise with me, brother, and get my friends to help me. I dare not conceal His love to my soul. I wish you all a part of my feast, so my Lord  Jesus may be honoured. I do not allow you to hide Christ's abundance  to me, when you meet with the who know Christ.
   You have not written to me. What are the cruel mercies of the bishops to me? I hear the ministers of this town intend I should be more strictly confined, or else transported because they find some people come to me. Grace be with you.
   Yours, in the sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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