Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Rutherford Revised (252)

52. For Janet Macculloch      From Aberdeen 1637

(See letter 101)

Loving sister,- Grace , mercy and peace be to you. Hold on your course for it may be I will not soon see you. Go through the thick of all things after Christ, and do not lose your Master, Christ, in the crowd of his great market. LeChist know how heavy, and how many a stone weight you and your cares, burdens, crosses and sins are. Make the inheritance sure for yourself; gecharters and writs passed and through; and put on arms for the battle, and keep close to Christ. And then lethe wind blow out of whatever direction it will, your soul will not be blown into the sea.
   I now find Christ the mossteady friend and companion in the world.The need and usefulness of Christ are best seen in trials. Oh, if He is not well worthy of His room! Lodge Him in house and heart. and stir up your husband to seek the Lord. I wonder that he has never written to me: I do not forget him.
   I taught you the whole counsel of Gos and delivered it to you. It will be enquires for at your hands; have it ready for the time the Lord asks for it. Make ready to meethe Lord; and rest and sleep n the love of that Fairest of the sons of men. Desire Christ's beauty. Give out all your love to Him, and let none fall by. Learn to speak to Him in prayer.
   Help your mother's soul: and desire her from me to seek the Lord and His salvation. It is not soon found: many miss it. Grace be with you.
   Your loving pastor,  S.R. 

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