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Rutherford Revised (267)

267. To William Glendinning, Bailie of Kirkcudbright   From Aberdeen Sep 21 1637 

(See letters 137, 212)

Worthy Sir, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you.- I am well, honour be to God! As well as a rejoicing prisoner of Christ can be, hoping that one day He, for who I now suffer, will enlarge me, and put me above the threatenings of men. 
   I a sometimes sad, heavy and depressed, at the memory of the fair days I had with Christ in Anwoth, Kirkudbrigh. Remembering a feast increases hunger in a hungry man. But who knows if our Lord will yet cover a table in the wilderness for His hungry children, and build the old was places in Scotland, and bring home Zion's captives? I want to see no more glorious sight until I see the Lamb on his throne, than to see Mount Zion all green with grass, and the dew lying on the tops of the grass, and the crown put on Christ's head in Scotland again.And I believe it all be so, and Christ will mow down His enemies, and fill the pits with their dead bodies.
   I find people here dry and strange. A man pointed at for suffering is not to be tolerated; so I am likely to sit alone on the ground. But my  Lord pays me well; for I do not have tongue or pen or heart to express the sweetness and excellency of the love of Christ. Christ's honeycomb drops honey and floods of consolation to my soul. My chains are gold: Christ's cross is gold plated and perfumed. His prison is the garden and orchard of my delight. I would quickly go through burning to my lovely Christ. I sleep in His arms all the night, and my head between His breasts. My Well-beloved is altogether lovely. This is all nothing to what my soul has felt. Let no man, because of me, be frightened of Christ's cross. If my wages, place, country, credit had been an earldom, a kingdom, ten kingdoms, a whole each, all were too little for the crown and sceptre of my royal King. My enemies, my enemies have made me blessed! They have sent me to the Bridegroom's room. His banner over me is love. I live a king's life; I lack nothing except possession of heaven and the crown. My guaratee is great; Christ is not stingy to me. Dear brother, be for the Lord Jesus and His heart broken bride.
   I do not need I hope, tp remember my troubled brother to your care. Remember my love to your wife. Let Christ want nothing from us; his clothes will be rolled in the blood of the dead of Scotland.
   Grace, grace be with you. Praise for Christ's prisoner.
        Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,   S.R.

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