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Books read and reviewed in August 2019

1. Shepherd Psalm by F. B. Meyer  (Author)

I was given this having recently recovered from a life threatening operation where I was asked if I wanted resuscitation it things went wrong. So I immediately wanted to read on the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I was not disappointed. Good exposition and application. Memorise this Psalm for your comfort in extremis.

2. Thoughts fixed and affections flaming by Nigel Faithfull (Author)

Matthew Henry is set in the context of his aristocratic family, father ejected from the Church of England in 1662 and suffering the deprivations of the Clarendon Code against nonconformists. These pithy quotations from his commentary are a delight to be savoured slowly and pondered. 

3.Martyrs of the Reformation by Merle D'Aubigné, Jean Henri (Author), C H A Bulkley (Introduction)

Starts with Lollards then on to the Continent. the horrors of the tortures inflicted before heretics were burned is a terrible indictment of he RC clerics of the day. Very moving on Bilney and Fri
th, Hamilton, Askew and Wishart. Many little known. in Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Italy and England.

4. Hymns Composed on Various Subjects: With the Author's Experience, the Supplement and Appendix by Joseph Hart (Author)

Mine is the 1840 edition published in Brighton. the original was 1759. Great songs of he Evangelical revival, after a brief memoir, 216 hymns and 7 doxologies.

5. Samuel Rutherford: And Some of His Correspondents by Alexander Whyte  (Author)

After two chapters on the life and character of Rutherford, went one  individual recipients of the letters plus one on some parishioners.Seven women. Mainly nobility and ministers. A good insight to the 365 leers. Mine is an 1894 edition.

6. The Keswick Hymn - Book by Trustees of the Keswick Convention (Author)

558 items, mainly hymns of earlier generations. the early chapter arrangement show this was the old Keswick with itttraditional holiness teaching. 

9. the Methodist Sunday School Hymn Book
Leather bound and presented to my wife's grandmother by the Weslyan Sunday School in 1900. 589 hymns and not children's ones particularly. Very small print.

10. The Psalms Of David In Metre: According To The Version Approved By The Church Of Scotland

The bare and original Psalter. Neither tunes, metres nor paraphrases given.

11.The Church in Late Victorian Scotland, 1874-1900 by Andrew Landale Drummond  (Author), James Bulloch  (Author)

The third volume in his series takes us to he union of mosof the Free church with the United Presbyterians. The Highland Free Presbyterian Church had been formed and a rump of the Free Church left with he impending threat of legal action over Free Church property remaining in the air. At the start of this period is The third volume in his series takes us to he union of mosof the Free church with the United Presbyterians. The Highland Free Presbyterian Church had been formed and a rump of the Free Church left with he impending threat of legal action over Free Church property remaining in the air. At the start of this period is he revivalism of Moody and its effect. The other great influences is Higher Criticism. Patronage and disestablishment loom largeThe victory of the latter led to he union and the decline of evangelical Calvinism as a dominating force except among minorities mainly in he Highlands. Once again the book has more than church history but the account is of national life as whole. he revivalism of Moody and its effect. The other great influences is Higher Criticism. Patronage and disestablishment loom largeThe victory of the latter led to he union and the decline of evangelical Calvinism as a dominating force except among minorities mainly in he Highlands. Once again the book has more than church history but the account is of national life as whole. 

12. Broken Bread or The Value of Little Gifts A Tale

Published by Gall and Inglis, London, before 1918 and written in the previous century. Set in revolutionary France. A Cristian strory for children; of charity and love for Jews by a poor Christian boy. A delightful short story. Not listed on Amazon.

13. Northallerton (Britain in Old Photographs) by Michael Riordan  (Author)

Rather a prosaic photographic record and totally secular. Where was he history of the churches in the town?

14. Susanna by Arnold Dallimore (Author)   

The mother of The Wesleys. A remarkable woman, daughter of a prominent dissenting clergyman who are 13 decided to become Anglican. Highly intelligent she married a graduate who was also a dissenter urned Anglican. He gave her 15 children and poverty due this financial incompetence and failure to attain preferment.They lived in debt but producing world famous sons. Only one of their children who reached maturity had a happy marriage. The father forced one daughter into a bad marriage when she became pregnant. Susanna educated the children herself and submitted to an ill tempered vicar husband. A remarkable woman in a tragic family. One mistake. England had general elections not federal ones. (p,66)

15. Political Church: The Local Assembly as Embassy of Christ's Rule by Jonathan Leeman  (Author)

This is a deep academic book. he author is an evangelical Reformed Baptist it seems so one notable omission is any treatment of covenant children. I would also question if you can have a local church with sen one elder. He quotes a myriad of modern authors but is weak n some historic ones. No Rutherford or Willams who debated freedom of conscience. He assumes pluralism and no establishment of religion. He is an American. But this is an excellent thought provoking work worthy of study. He wants to see faith applied in politics and all of life. An other omission is any consideration of para-church institutions. Nor does he consider the call of church as church versus the possibiIiy of Christians acting together with common purpose in politics, education of labour which is not local church activity and may well cross church boundaries.  am not happy with his acceptance of toleration rather than religious liberty.

16, The Future of Almost Everything: The global changes that will affect every business and all our lives by Patrick Dixon  (Author)

I knew the author 39 years ago when he was a physician and member of a local charismatic church. We had our differences over AIDs and supposed safe sex. Now he is a futurologist and I give more credence to his prophecies here than I do to the charismatics. A book full of insights, very wide ranging. One prophecy hehas wrong is how long before one can buy Viagra over the counter, Events have overtaken the book. A major lacuna is this was published before the EU referendum. I am far more pessimistic about the EU's future. This is not a secure book. Dixon writes a a Christian. But I think he is far too optimistic about a general Islamic rejection of violence. It is integral in Islamict history, Islan reforming? He does not even consider that. His likening of Chinese paternalism to Briish 1980's Conservatism is nonsense betraying Dixon's own politics IMO. Bu much food for thought. I think he gives too much credence to anthropogenic climate change.

17. The Little Picture Hymn Book by Various Authors (Author), Cicely Mary Barker  (Illustrator)

My wife received this as a 1951 Christmas present. It is of its time for it attar's with Onward Christian Soldiers. Most of these are familiar to me. My one criticism is that IMO pictures of Jesus contravene the second commandment.

18, 2000 Years of Christ's Power Volume 2: by Nick Needham (Author)

I have previously enjoyed two others in this excellent series.Once again thesis most educational. I learned more about the Orthodox churches from this book than any other. I also learn why we bow our holds and pray with hands together - feudal submission o a lord.

19. A Few Hymns And Some Spiritual Songs : Selected 1856, For the Little Flock. Revised 1881, Further Revised 1903. Leather Binding. 

Mine is the 1932 revision given to my aunt before she and the family left the Exclusive Brethren. 381 hymns, Most are unfamiliar and all lack acknowledgement of authorship.

20. Pears Cyclopaedia 1960-1961 Sixty-ninth edition

This was my Christmas present from y parents when I was 14. I was an avid reader and now I had my own concise encyclopedia.

21.Dominion Theology: Blessing or Curse? by H. Wayne House  (Author), Thomas Ice (Author)

At times I wondered if the authors are more concerned o be apologists for premillenialism rather hen critics of Reconsructionism. I used have a lot in common with the Reconstrucionists, heir grappling with exegesis, their involvement with all of life and their optimistic eschatology. But I came to see their two major errors are a failure to understand the progress of redemptive history (which critique is not here)  and my preference for the Westminster Confessions princple is the general equity of he Mosaic civil law which should apply today. I would also add I believe in an eminent return of Christ whine signs to be observed. In  dealing with Mat 24 there is no reference here to Kik's exegesis of the time text. I find their remillenialism unconvcing and one that furthers evangelical pietism.

22. God's Fool by George Neilson Patterson (Author)

A remarkable missionary story which can be read also as a travel book on Tibet and on the history of communism in China.Patterson was brought up in the Plymouth Brethren and went one of their missionaries to China aiming towards i Tibet. He exhibited a super spirituality rendering himself penniless before embarking on medical missionary training in London.  God, he believed would provide for his needs in answer to prayer. In China he endured much hardship and was extremely critical of established missions with their large compounds and rice Christian converts. He admired Watchman Nee and his work. It was the time of civil war between nationalist and communists. Both wanted to control Tibet which was under the spiritual influence of lamas Buddhism which had many syncretistic influences of shamanism. He sought o learn Tibetan and tried to enter Tibet. He eventually entered in the company of an armed war lord who wanted to overthrow the government in Lhasa. But when he learned via the war lord of the communist plan to invade not only Tibet but India too, he left to warn the government in India. It is unfortunate book ends there,. We do no hear of his journey to India nor if he was well received.I believe he was for, 'diplomatic representative of the Tibetan resistance movement during the Chinese invasion of Tibet' was written of him and he was decorated by the exiled Dalai Lama. From a mission standpoint we read that this time of revolution was one of church growth in China. The major failing of the book is the absence of any maps. Patterson used his medical training to good effect. He was known as a foreign doctor. He used homoeopathic as well as allopathic medicine. He relates rtue spirituality among the Chinese and even miracles worthy of apostolic times.. He left his friend, Bull in Tibet where he was captured and imprisoned by the communists. I am left wondering how communism has influence lamaism in Tibet today.

23. Littafin Addu'a

he 1662 Book of Common Prayer in Hausa. The Anglicans merely translated with no contextualisation. The non-Anglicans followed the nonconformist rejection of write turfy. If ever a middle way was needed!

24. Hausa (Teach Yourself) Paperback – 1 Oct 1973by Charles H. Kraft  (Author), A. H. M. Kirk Greene (Author)

Learning Hausa in Kano in 1971 we used what I presume was Kraft's forerunner to this. I am sorry this one omits the proverbs preceding each lesson. A fine book. For your encouragement, Hausa is a beautifully regular language. After five months study I was able think in it and produce a written sermon.

25. Pastoral Theology, Vol1, The Man of God by Albert N. Martin (Author)

I have heard Al Martin preach and he was outstanding. His church sent me cassettes of his sermons when I was a missionary. hey were much appreciated. These are lectures at his former Ministerial Academy. This should be required reading for anyone aspiring to or in pastoral ministry. Biblical, wise, erudite, practical and humorous as well as clearly set out and readable. The author is a Baptist so my only divergence would be over the ordination process. A fascinating biographical introduction too. Top rate.

26.Littafin Wakoki Hausa Hymnal by Council of Missions (Author)

Mine is he 1967  edition which was used throughout our years in Nigeria, 1970 - 82. The style was imposed. We did not have much in the way of African musical instruments for accompaniment. Is it was really European style singing. I winder how much has changed today for when I meet with Africans detained in London by immigration, heir singing is much more African, the sir he makes Charismatics seem subdued.

27. Protestants: The Radicals Who Made the Modern World by Alec Ryrie  (Author)

A large canvas painted with broad strokes. The firs six chapters swiftly go from Reformation to the founding of the USA. Then later chapters on he modern age look at enthusiasm, slavery, religion going westward, liberalism, Germany under Hitler,, let and right, South Africa, Korea, China and Pentecostalism. Well written and so easy to read. Very informative with generating evaluation of he relationship of church and state. My only difference of opinion is ha I do no agree the Cromwell had a 'genocidal reconquest of Ireland'. I also regret his omission of he influence of modern evangelicals,. No a word on Spurgeon, Schaeffer, Loyd-Jones or IVF/IFES.

28. Hausa Ba Dabo Ba Ne: Collection of Five Hundred Proverbs by A.H.M.Kirk- Greene (Author)

Mine is 1966 edition. When we learned Hausa, our textbook had a proverb at he head of each chapter. Tha was the start of a love affair with Hausa proverbs. Know them and use them and you are cultural insider not a bloody foreigner. I think the way of getting to know a culture is to know its proverbs. A good primer for Hausa proverbs here.

29. Modern Hausa-English Dictionary by Paul Newman (Editor), Roxana M. Newman (Editor), 1 more

Mine is the 1977 edition.  I found it invaluable learning Hausa and translating from it. A lot more portable than Ambrahs.

30.Hanyar Tadi Da Turanci A Dictionary of English Conversation For Hausa Students by --- (Author)

Published in 1957. I does serve as a dictionary and also gives many examples of how English words are used.

31. Litafi Mai-Tsarki Hardcover – 1936 by Various (Author)

The original Hausa Bible, tersely he work of Dr Miller. I am old it is mainly Saktwatanci though Miller wool have been immersed in Zazzanci. This was what we used until he revised edition, far superior, came out in 1980 after much disagreement among translators and the retention of he first revised New Testament. 

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