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Rutherford Revised (227)

227. To my Lord Craighall     From Aberdeen 10 August 1637

(See letters, 86, 174, 220)

My Lord, - I received one letter of your Lordship's from C., and another recently fro A.R., where I find your Lordship perplexed as to whato do. But let me beg your Lordship noto let yourself mistake Truth and Christ, because they seem to fight with your peace and ease  My Lord, remember that a prisoner has written to you that, ' as he Lord lives, if you join with other apostates in this land, to pull down the once beautiful tent of Christ in this land, and join hands with them in one hands breadth to welcome Antichristo Scotland, there is warth gone out from the Lord against you and your family.' If the terror of a king has overcome you, and your Lordship looks to sleep in your nest in peace, and you are nearer shore, and there are many ways (too, too many ways) how to move Christ with some barely washed and foul distintions. But assure yourself, that suppose a king would assure you that he would be your god,  (as will never be) for that piece of service, your clay god will die. And your worldly counsellors, when your conscience will storm against you, and you compscience to them will say,' What is this to us?' Do not believe that Christ is weak, or that He is not able to save. If there are two fires you cannot pass, take the least. Some few years will bring us all our inner blacks and whites, before our Judge. Eternity is near tyou than you are aware. To go on in a course of defection when an enlightened conscience is stirring, and looking you in the face, and crying within you,'That you are going in an evil way,' is a step in the sin againsthe Holy Spirit. Either many of this land are near that sin, or else I do not know what it is. And if this, for which I now suffer, is not the way of peace and the King's highway to salvation, I believe there is not a way at all. There is not such breadth and elbow room in the way to heaven as men believe.
   Though this day is not Christ's, tomorrow will be His. I assuredly believe that our Lord will repair the old waste places, and His ruined houses in Soctland; and thathis wilderness will yet blossom as the rose. My very worthy and dear Lord, wait for Him who hides His face from the house of Jacob, and look for Him. Wait paitienly a little for the Bridegroom to return again, that your soul may live, and that you may rejoice with the Lord's inheritance. I dare risk my soul and life for itthat if you take this storm wih a put down Christ, your sky will quickly clear and your fair morning dawn. Think  (as the truth is) that Christ is just now saying, 'And will you leave me?' You have a fair opportunity to please Christ now, if you will stay with Him, and wanthe night's sleep with your suffering Saviour one our now when Scotland has fallen asleep, and leaves Christo fend for Himself. I profess myself only a weak feeble man. When I first came to Christ's camp. I had nothing to maitain this war, or to bear me out in this encounter, and I am little better yet. But since I find furniture, armour and strength from he consecrated Catpain, the Prince of our salvation, who was perfected through suffering. I consider suffering for Christ a king's life. I find that our wants qualify us for Christ, and though your  Lordship writes that you despair to geto such a communion and fellowship  (which I would not have you to think) yet you would nobly and courageously venture to make over to Christ, for His honour now lying at the stake, your estate place and honour, He would lovingly and largely repay you and give you a kings word for a recompense. Respond  and I dare swear you will say, 'I bless he Lord who counselled me' (Ps 16:7). My very worthy Lord, many eyes in both the kingdoms are on you now, and the eye of our Lord is on you. Aquit yourself manfully for Christ. Do no spoil this matter. Give a blank form and put it in Christ's hands. Win, win he blessings and prayers of your sighing and sorrowful moher church seeking your help: win Christ promise (who is a King who keeps His word), for a hundredfold more even in his life. 
   If you in a monent of weakness have made a rash promise that leaves Christ, if we look to humans I am not surprised ; I might possibly have done worse myself), and now further guiltiness by going in such a foul and scandalous way. Remember thathere is a woe woe to him whom offences come. his woe came out of Christ's mouth, and it is heavier than the woe of the law. It is the Mediaor's vengeance, on those who are enlightened. Free yourself from unlawful anguish about advising and resolving. The truth has come to your hand, hold it fast; do not again go and make a new search and enquiry for truth. It is easy to make conscience believe as you will and not as you know. It is easy for you o throw your light into prison, and keep God's truth in unrighteousness: buthe prisoner will break free, to your incomparable torture. Fear your light and stand in awe of it: but it is from God. Think what on our it is in this life also be enrolled tthe succeeding ages among Christ's witnesses, standing againsthe re-entry of Anichrist. I certainly know that your light looking two ways, and to the two sides, cries shame upon the plans they would advise you to follow. The way that is to go half share and copartner with the smoke of this fat world (Ps 37:20), and cleverness and leisure, smells strongly of a foul and false way.
   The Prince of peace, He who brought again from the dead the great Shepherd of His sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, establish you and give you sound light and advise you to follow Christ. Remember my required service to my Lord you father, and mother and your lady. 
   Grace be with you.
      Your Lordship's at all required obedience, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.  

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