Sunday, August 11, 2019

Rutherford Revised (241)

241. To John Fleming, Bailie (magistrate) of Leith      From Aberdeen Sept 7 1637

(See letters 68,228)

Much honoured in the Lord,- Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I am still on good terms with Christ.: however my Lord's wind blows, I have the advantage of the calm and sunny side of Christ. Devils and hell and devil's servant are all blown blind in pursuing the Lord's little bride.They will be like a dream who fight againstt Mount Zion.
   Worthy Sir, I hope you take to hearthe worth of your calling.This great fair and meeting of the people will disperse, and the port is open for us. As fast as time wears out, we fly away; eternity is at our elbow. Oh, how blessed are they who make sure of Christ for themselves in time.! Salvation is a great work. Oh that we would be careful with our lamps, for the Bridegroom is coming! The other side of this world will be turned unexpectedly, and up will be down: and those who are weeping in sackcloth will triumph  on white horses with Him, whose name is the Word of God. Those dying idols, the fair creatures we immoral love better than our Creator, will pass away like melting snow. The Godhead, the Godhead! A communion with God in Christ! To go halves with Christ for the purchased house and inheritance, in heaven, should be our scope and aim.
   For myself, when I prepare my accounts, what a reckoning, oh what a weighing is in Christ! Oh how soft are his kisses! Oh love, love surpassing in Jesus! I find no fault in that love, except it seems to deal stingily with me; I have little of it. Oh, for my fill of it! Whawreath do I have or what crown, if I rightly looked on, things except Jesus! Oh, there is no room for us on this side of the water for that love. This narrow bit of earth, and these retreating and narrow souls, can hold little of it, because we are full of splits. I would that glory, glory would enlarge us (as it will) and make us tight and close up our seams and splits, so we might be able to comprehend it - which is yet incomprehensible.
   Remember my love to your wife. Grace be with you.
      Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, S.R.

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