Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rutherford Revised (270)

270. To the Lady Busbie   From Aberdeen 1637

(See letters 133, 158)

Mistress, Although we do not know one another, yet because we are Father's children, I thought it good to write to you. Though my first writing and fellowship with you concerning Christ is in writing, yet I have cause, since I came here, to have no paper thoughts of Him. For in my sad days He has become the flower of my joys,; and I only lie here living on His love, but cannot get much of it as I would be glad to have; not because Christ's love is lordly, and looks too high, but because I have a narrow container to receive His love, and I look too low. But under my own hand I give you a testimonial of Christ and His cross, taat they are a sweet couple, and that Christ has never yet been set in His own due fair  honour among us all. Oh I do not know where to set Him! Oh, for a high seat for the royal, princely One! Oh that my poor withered soul once had a running over flood of that love to put sap into my dry root, and that flood would spring out to the tongue and pen, to utter great things, to the high and due commendation of such a fair One!Alas, there are too many dumb tongues in the world, and dry hears, seeing ere is employment in Christ for them all, and ten houses worlds of men and angels more, you set on high and exalt the greatest Prince of he kings of the earth! Woe is me that bits of living clay dare come out to rush hard heads with Him; and that my unkind mother, this prostitute church, has given her married partner such a meeting. For this land has given up with Christ, and the Lord is cutting Scotland into halves, and sending the worst half, the prostitute sister, over to Rome's brothel house, to get her fill of Egypt's love. I wish my sufferings (no, suppose I was burnt alive to ashes) might buy an agreement between His fairest and sweetest love, and is gadding (Jer 2:36) lewd wife. I would be glad to give Christ His welcome home to Scotland again, if He would return. This is a black day, a day of clouds and darkness; for the beam of the fair temple of the Lord Jesus has fallen, and Christ's back is towards Scotland. Oh thrice blessed are those who would hold Christ with their tears and prayers! I know you will help to deal with Him; for He will return again to this land. The next day will be Christ's, and there will be fair, green young garden for Christ in this land, and God's summer dew will lie on it all the night, and we will sing again our new marriage song to our Bridegroom, concerning His vineyard. Burt who knows whether we will live and see it!
   I hear the Lord has made an effort to affilict and prune you as a fruitful vine for Himself. Grow and be green, and put out your benches and bring forth fruit. May you be fat and green and fruitful, in the true and sappy root. Grace, grace, free grace to your part. Remember my imprisonment with prayers and praises.
   Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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