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Rutherford Revised (237)

237.  To the Laird of Gaitgirth     From Aberdeen Sept 7 1637

(See letter 187)
Much honoured Sir, - Grace mercy and peace be to you. I can  do no more than thank you on paper. and remember you to Him whom I serve, for kindness and the care of a prisoner.
   I bless the Lord, thathe cause for which I suffer, does not neet to blush before kings: Christ's white, honest and fair truth neither needs to wax pale for fear, nor to blush for shame. I bless the Lord who has now graced you to own Christ, when so many are afraid o profess Him, and hide Him for fear they suffer loss by professing Him. Alas, that so many in these days are married to the times! As if their conscience rolled upon oiled wheels, so they go any way the wind blows them; and because Christ is not popular, ,men put Him away from them.
   Worthy and much honoured Sir, go on to own Chris, and His oppressed truth: the end of sufferings for the gospel, is rest and gladness. Light and joy are sown for the mourners in Zion, and the harvest (which is of God's making , for time and manner) is near. Crosses have claim to Christ in His members, until legs and arms, and whole mystical Christ, are in heaven. There will be rain and hail and storms in the saints' clouds always, until God cleanses with fire the works of the creation, and until he burns the spoiled house of heaven and earth, that men's sins have subjected to vantiy.
   They are blessed who suffer and do not sin; for suffering is the badge that Christ has put on His followers. Whatever way we can take to heaven, is hedged with crosses; there is no way excepto break through them. Cleverness and strategies, shifts and laws will not find a way round the cross of Christ; but we must go through.By experience, my Lord has taught me one thing,thathe waters between this and heaven must all be crossed if we are firm in control; I mean if we are in Christ; and no-one will drown in the way, excepthose who love their own destruction. Oh, if we could wait for a time, and believe the salvation of God in the dark! We  are at leasto believe good of Christ, until He gives us the slip (which is impossible) ; and to take His word for surety that He will fill up all the blanks in His promises, and give us what we want. Butto the unbeliever Christ's testimony is white , blank, unwritten paper.
   Worthy and dear Sir, set your face to heaven, and stoop at all the low entries in the way, that you may receive the kingdom as a child. Withouthis (He that knew the way said) there is no entry in. Oh, bu Christ is willing to lead a poor sinner! Oh what love my poor soul has fund in Him, in the house of my pilgrimage! Suppose that love was lost in heaven and earth, I dare swear it may be found in Christ.
   Now the very God of peace establish you, until the day of the glorious appearance of Christ.
    You own, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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