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Rutherford Revised (229)

229. To Mr Hugh Mackail of Irvine   From Aberdeen 5 Sept 1637  
(See letters 71, 218, 226)

My very dear brother,- You know that man may take their sweet fill of the sour Law, in Grace's ground, and between the Mediator's breasts. And this is the sinner's safest way; for there is a bed for weary sinners to resthemselves in, in the New Covenant, though not a bed Chris made to  sleep in. By Christ's grace, the Law will never be my doom. If I get no more good from it (I will find a bad enough doom in ito humbled to throw me down), it is I admit a good rough friend , to follow a traitor to the bar, and to support him until he comes to Christ. We may blame ourselves, who make the Law want a well paid debt, to scare us away from Jesus, and dispute about a righteousness of our own, a world in the moon, a fantasy and a dream, that pride is father and mother to. There cannot be a more humble soul than a believer; it is not pride for a drowning man o catch hold of a rock.

   I rejoice thathe wheels of this world are rolled, geared and driven according to our Lord's will. From whatever direction the wind blows, it will blow us on our Lord. No wind can blow our sails overboard; because Christ skill, and honour of His wisdom, are pledged and laid down at the stake for thsea passengers , that He will put them safe from His hand onto the shore, in the place His Father knows, our native home ground.
   My dear brother, do not be afraid of the cross of Christ. It is not yet seen what Christ will do for you, when it comes to the worst.: He will keep His grace unitl you are in difficulty, and then bring outhe appointed birth for your salvation (Zep 2:2). You are an arrow He has made; let Him shoot you against a wall of brass, your poinwill keep whole. Because of many letters and the distraction of friends I cannot prepare what I would for the times: I do not have an hour of spare time even if the day was forty hours long. 
   Remember me in prayer. Grace be wi h you.
      Yours in his sweeLord Jesus,  S.R

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