Thursday, August 08, 2019

Rutherford Revised (235)

235. To my Lord Craighall   From Aberdeen Sept 7 1637

(See Letters 86,174,220,227)

My Lord, - O cannott explain your Lordship's contrary tides, and these temptations that assault you, as anything other than Christrying you, and saying to you, 'And will you also leave me?' I am sure Christ has a great advantage over you, if you play foul, the Holy Spirit has done His part, in showing to your conscience, thathis is the way of Christ, in which you will have peace; and the other, as sure as God lives, is Antichrist's way. Therefore, as you fear God, fear your light and stand in awe of a convincing conscience., and to risk your place in such an honourable cause rather than wildly and against your light, to come under guiltiness. Kings cannot heal broken consciences; and when death and judgment will arrest your soul, your counsellors and others cannot be sureties to justice for you. Before long, our Lord will put a final stop to Acts of Parliament, and men's laws, and will clear you before men and angels, of men's unjust sentences. You receive honour and place and authority and riches and reputation from your Lord, to set forward and advance the liberties and freedom of Christ's kingdom. Men whose consciences are stout, think litte about such mattters, which, notwithstanding encroach directly on Christ's royal prerogative. So men would think it a light matter fo Uzziah to put out his hand to hold the Lord's falling ark; but it cost him his life. And who doubts that a worldly friend will advise you to shut up your window and pray under your breath.  'You make too gret a noise with you prayers;' so would a wiseacre speak if you were in Daniel's place. But men's gold plated reasons will not help you when your conscience is likely ttear with a double charge. Alas, alas, when will this world learn to submit its wisdom tthe wisdom of God? I am sure that you Lordship has found the truth. Do nothen go again to search for it; for it is common for men to have doubts when they want to desert the truth. Kings are notheir own men, their ways are in Gods hand. I rejoice and am glad that you are determined to walk wth Christ, though His court is thin. Grace be with your Lordship,.
   Your Lordship's, in his sweet Maser and Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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