Monday, August 26, 2019

Rutherford Revised (279)

279. To Marion M'Naught   From Aberdeen Nov 22 1637

My dear and well-beloved sister,- Grace, mercy and peace be to you.- I am well; honour to God. I have been before a court set up within me with errors and challenges; but my sweet Lord Jesus has taken the mask off His face, and said, 'Kiss your fill!' and I will not smother nor conceal the kindness of my King Jesus. He has broken in on the poor prisoner's soul like the swelling of the Jordan. I am brim full to the banks; a great spring tide of he consolations of Christ have overflowed me. I would not exchange my weeping for the fourteen bishops' laughter. They have sent me here to feast with my King. His perfume gives a sweet smell. The Bridegroom's love has run away wih my heart. O love, love, love! Oh, my royal King's chains are sweet! I do not care about fire or torture. It would be sweet to me to swim the salt see for my new Lover, my second Husband, my first Lord! I charge you in the name of God, do not fear he wild beast that entered the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts. The false prophet is the tail. God will cut the tail from Scotland. Take your comfort and do not droop nor despond.
   Pray for my poor flock: I would do penance for their salvation. I fear a hireling entering into my work will with sorrow cut off my life. I wrestled with the Angel there and won. Wood, trees, meadows are my witnesses that I promoted a fair meeting between Chist and Anwoth.
   My love to your husband and to dear Carleton, to my beloved brother Knockbrex. Do not forget Chist's prisoner. I long for a letter written by you.
   Your friend and Christ's prisoner,  S.R.

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