Monday, August 12, 2019

Rutherford Revised (244)

244. To Marion M'Naught    From Aberdeen

(Suffixed from Aberdeen buthe events, Edinburgh parliament, are those of 1633 so this may be earlier from Anwoth.)

Well-beloved sister, - I have been slow to write to you because I was depressed at the proceedings of our late Parliament. Where there should have been law, they would not give our Lord Jesus, fair law and justice, nor the benefit of the house, to hear either  jusgrievances nor the humble requests of the servants of God. Nothing rests, excepthat we lay our grievances before our crowned King Jesus who reigns in Zion. And though it is true thathe Acts of the Perth Assembly for conformity are established, and the King's power to impose the surplice, and other mass clothes on ministers are confirmed, yet what men conclude is not in Scripture. Kings have short arms to overturn Chist's throne,; and our Lord has been walking and standing on His feet, athat Parliament when fifteen earls and lords . and forty four commissioners for burghs,with some barons, have voted for our church, in the face of a king who with much awe and terror, with his own hand, wrote up the voters for or against himself. Long before this church, in the second Psalm, the ends of the earth (Scotland and England) were gifted by the Father, to His Son, Christ; and that is an old Act of Parliament issued by our Lord over four thousand years ago. Their Acts are still printing. The first Act will stand, let all the rulers of the world, who love Christ's room better than Himself, rage as they please. Though the montains be moved to the middle of the sea, yet there is a river that comes out of the sanctuary, and the streams of it refresh the city of God. That well is not yet stopped in Scotland, nor can it dry up: therefore, still believe and trust in God's salvation. If you knew the whole proceedings, it is the Lord's mercy  that mattes have gone at our Parliament as they have. he Lord Jesus, in our King's ears, o His great provovation and grief, has many witnesses; and we saw in all the Son of God overturning their policy, and making the world well know know He loves His poor sunburnt bride in Scotland. The Lord lives and blessed be the God of our salvation.

   For the matter between your husband and Carleton, I trust in God, it will be removed. It greatly saddens me. I have dealt with Carleton and will deal. So it does not burden you, put it off yourself and onto the Lord.
   I have heard of your daughter's marriage: I pray the Lord Jesus to confirm the contract, and to be at the banquet, as He was at the marriage at Cana of Galilee. Show her from me that though it be true that God's children have prayed for her, yet the promise of God is made to her prayers and faith especially; and therefore, I would beg her to seek the Lord's presence at the wedding. Let her give Christ the love of her viginity, and marriage, and choose Him first as er Husband and that match will bless the other. She enters into a new world, and therefore, she has need of new friendship with the Son of God, and of renewing her love to Him, whose love is better than wine.'The appointed time has grown very shortFrom now onlet thosewho have wives live as though they had none, and those who mourn asthough they were not mourningand those who rejoice as though they werenot rejoicingand those who buy as though they had no goods, and those who deal with the world as though they had no dealings with itFor the present form of this world is passing away.'(1Cor 7:29-31). Grace, grace be her portion. from the Lord. I know that you care about it, that all be right: but let Christ bear all. You need not pity Him, if I may say so; put Him to work, He is strength enough. 
   The spirit of the Lord Jesus be with you.
      Your friend, in his dearest friend, Christ Jesus,  S.R.

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