Sunday, August 11, 2019

Rutherford Revised (243)

243. To Marion M'Naught    From Aberdeen From Aberdeen Sept 7 1637 

Much honoured and dearest in our sweet Lord,Jesus, - Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus.
   I know thathe Lord will provide for your town.I hear thathe Bishop is afraid to come anong you: for so it is said in this town. And many here now rejoice o write a requesto the Council for bringing me home to my place, and for repairing other wrongs done in the country: and see if you can arrange thathree or four hundred in the country, noblemen, gentlemen , countrymen and citizens, subscribe to it; the more the better. It may be that it will frighten the Bishop; and by law, no advantage can be taken against you for it. I do not have time to write to Carlton and Knockbrex; but I want you to speak to them about it, and lethem consult with Carlton. Mr A. thinks well of it, and I think the others will approve it.
   I am still in good relation with Christ.; my fellowship is no less than it was, the door of the Bridegroom's house of wine is open, when such poor a stranger as I comes across. I change but Christ stays still the same.
   They have put out my one poor eye, my only joy, to preach Christ, and to run errands between Him and His bride. I do not know wnat my Lord will do with me: I am not likely to winter in Aberdeen; but I do not know where else it will be. There are some blossomings of Christ's kingdom in this town, and the smoke is rising, and the ministers are raging; but I best love a rumbling and roaring devil.
   I beg you in the Lord, my dear sister to wait for the salvation of God. Do not neglect meeting to pray. Do not fear flesh and blood: we have all been too fearful, and that gave rogues the confidence to shut me ouof Galloway.
   Remember my love to John Carsen and Mr. John Brown. I could never get my love off that man: I think Christ has something to do with him. Tell your husband from me, not to think badly of Christ for His cross. Many misunderstand Christ because He has the cross on His back; but He will yet cause us all to laugh. I beg you, as you would do anything for me, to remember Lady Marischal, especially her Christian daughter, Lady Pitsligo.
   I shall go to death with it,that Christ will return again to Scotland, with salvation in His wings, and to Galloway.
   Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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