Saturday, August 10, 2019

Diary w/e Aug 10

Sun 4 Aug
Managed morning church but still very weak. Not up to evening service journey. The sweetest thing was a  two year old enquiring as to my health for he has been daily praying for me.

Mon 5

GP says I am well apart from swelling of legs, ankles and feet. Still weak and feeble though but in good spirits.

Tue 6

Physio visited and prescribed exercise programme.

Wed 7

Peter L visited and reported on Ciug Curry's funeral al Loss.

Th 8
Visit from the physio who is an Iraqi Pentecostal. I can now walk without a stick. Moorfields Ealing Hospial for routine eye check. Stable.

Fr 9

Geoffrey and Sara down for our Golden Wedding and 

the Littles joined us for dinner out.

Golden Wedding day. Lots of cards. Geoffrey and Sara down a lunchtime.

Sa 10
Picked up Deb from terminal 5.  Home 75 minus after she landed. Pastoral visit from Paul on his return from holiday.

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