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Rutherford Revised (259)

259. To Mr David Dickson  From Aberdeen Sep 11 1637

(See letters 110,119,168)

Reverend and well-beloved brother in Christ, - I bless the Lord who has so wonderfully stopped that ongoing lawless process against you. The Lord reigns and has a saving eye on you and your ministry; and therefore, do not fear what men can do. I bless the Lord, that the Irish ministers find employment, and the professors comfort from their ministry. Believe me, I dare not, as I am now disposed, hold an honest brother out of the pulpit. I trust that the Lord will guard you, and hold you in the shadow of his hand. I am not pleased with any that are against you in that.  
   I see this, that in prosperity, men's conscience will not bother about small sins; but if some had been where I have been since I came from you, a little more would have made their eyes water, and troubled their peace. Oh how ready we are to incline to the world's hand! Our arguments, being well examined, are often drawn from our skin, the whole skin and a peaceable tent, is a topic greatly requested in our logic. 
   I find a little sprouting of God's seed in this town, for which  the doctors have told me their mind, that they cannot bear with it, and have examined and threatened the people who seek my company. I am afraid I will not get permission to winter here; and I don't know where I will go; I am ready at the Lord's call. I wish I could make friends with Christ's cross, for I find comfort lie to, and follow on the cross. By them I suffer in my name; but I take it is part of the crucifying of the old man. Let them cut the throat of my credit, and do as they best like with it. When the wind of their slander has blown away my good name from me, in the way to heaven, I know that Christ will take my name out of the mud, and wash it and restore it to me again. I would have a mind (if the Lord would be pleased to give it to me) to be a fool for Christ's sake. Sometimes, while I have Christ in my arms, I fall asleep in the sweetness of His presence, and He, in my sleep, steals away out of my arms; and when i awake I miss him.
   I am much comforted by my Lady Pitsligo, a good woman, well quailed with God's ways.
      Grace be with you.
         Yours, in His sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R.   

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