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Rutherford Revised (261)

261. To Lady Kilconquhar    From Aberdeen Sep 13 1637

(See letter 226)

Mistress, - Grace, mercy and peace to you, - I received your letter. I am heartily content that you  love and own this oppressed and wronged cause of Christ, and that now, when as many have gone astray, you are in any way taken up with the love of Jesus. Do not grow weary, but come in and see if there is not more in Christ than the tongue of men and angels can express. If you seek a gate to heaven, the way is in Him, or he is it. What you want is treasured up in Jesus; and He says, all His are yours. Even His kingdom, he is content to divide it between Him and you: yes, His throne and His glory (Luk 22:29.30; Joh 17:21; Rev 3:21). And therefore, take pains to climb up to the besieged house to Christ; for devils, men and armies of temptations are lying about the house, to hold out all the are out, and it is taken with violence. It is not a smoothed way, neither will your weather be fair and pleasant; but whoever has seen the invisible God, and the fair City, makes no reckoning of losses or crosses. You must be in, whatever it costs you. Do not wait for a price, and for all that you have, to win he castle. The rights are won for you, and it has been assigned to you in the will of our Lord Jesus (and see what a legacy your dying friend Christ has left you! 0h, and there is nothing lacking except possession. Then get up in the strength of the Lord; get over the water to possess that good land. It is better than an island of olives and palm trees; for  the Tree of Life that bears twelve kinds of fruit every month, is there before you. and a pure river of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of he throne of God and of he Lamb is there. Your time is short; therefore lose no time. He who has called you to His kingdom and glory is gracious and faithful. The city is yours by free conquest and promise; and therefore let no strange lord idol separate you from your own. The devil has cheated the simple heir out of His paradise, and by enticing us to taste of the forbidden fruit, has as it were bought us out of our kindly inheritance. But our Lord Jesus Chris has done more than set aside he devil; for He has redeemed the inheritance, and made the poor heir free for he inheritance. If we knew he glory of our Elder Brother in heaven, we would long to be there to see Him, and to get our fill of heaven. We children think the earth is a fair garden; but it is only God's outer field, and wild , cold, barren ground. All things here are fading. It is our happiness to make sure of Christ for ourselves.

   So remembering my love to your husband, and wishing to him what I write to you, I commit you to God's tender mercy.
   Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus,  S.R. 

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