Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Rutherford revised (96)

96. To the Noble and Christian Lady, the Viscountess of Kenmure        From Aberdeen 1637

Madam,- Though the bearer is in great haste, I want to bless your Ladyship with a letter, wishing, that since Christ is envious of the world having more love of you than Him, you should give yourself for Christ, and for no other. Only Christ is worthy of you.
   Madam, I am either suffering for Christ, and this is the sure and good way; or I have done with heaven, and will never see God's face, which, I bless Him, cannot be the case.
   I write my blessing to that sweet child, that you have borrowed from God. He is not an inheritance to you, but a loan; love him like people love borrowed things. My heart is heavy for you.
   They say that the church of Christ has neither son nor heir, and therefore her enemies will take her. But I know that she is not so without friends; her Husband is her heir, and she is His inheritance.
   If my Lord pleases, I would want that some people be dealt with, so I may return to Anwoth. But if that never happens, I thank God that Anwoth is not heaven; preaching is not Christ. I hope to keep on waiting.
   Let me hear how your child is, and your Ladyship's thoughts and hopes about him; for would ease my heart to know that he is well.
   I am in good relations with Christ; but oh, my guiltiness! But he brings is no arguments between him and me into the open and before the sun.
   Grace, race for evermore be with your Ladyship,
   Your Ladyship's, at all obedience in Christ,  S.R. 

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