Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Rutherford revised (57)

57. To Marion M'Naught             From Edinburgh 5 Apr 1636

Honoured and dearest in the Lord, - Grace, Mercy  and peace be to you.  I am well and my soul prospers. I find Christ with me. I burden no one I want for nothing; no-one looks on me except with a smile. Sweet, sweet is the Lord's cross. I have overcome my depression. My Bridegroom's looks of love fatten my weary soul. I go soon to my King's palace at Aberdeen. Tongue and pen and wit cannot express my joy. 
   Remember my love to Jean Gordon, to my sister Jean Brown, to  Grizel, to your husband. Written in haste. Grace be with you.
  Yours in his only, only Lord Jesus,  S.R.

P.S. - My command to you is to believe, rejoice, sing and triumph. Christ has said to me, Mercy, mercy, grace and peace to Marion McNaught.

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