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Rutherford revised (74)

74. To Lady Culross  From Aberdeen  30 Dec 1636

Madam, - Grace mercy and peace be multiplied to you. I greatly long to be refreshed by a letter from you. I am now (all honour and glory to the King eternal, immortal and invisible!) in better relation to Christ than I was. Like a fool I summoned my Husband and Lord  ;libelled him with unkindness; but now I leave that foolish pursuit; I give up the charge. He is God and I am man. I was loosening a sure stone and digging up the foundations, the love of my Lord, shaking and  unsettling it. But God be thanked; its stands fast; all is secure. He has shown me daylight in my prison; He no longer hides His love. Christ had a disguise and a mask and I did not realise it was Him; but He has said,' It is I. Do not be afraid;' and now His love is better than wine. O that all the virgins had a part of the Bridegroom's  love on which he makes me feed. Help me to praise. I encourage you Madam, help me to pay praises; and tell others, the daughters of Jerusalem, how kind Christ is to a poor prisoner. He has paid me my hundred-fold, has told me it is well, and one to the hundred. I am not behind with Christ. Let not fools because of their lazy softness, make slander and a bad report about the cross of Christ. It is sweeter than fair.
   I see grace grows best in winter. This poor, persecuted church this lily among the thorns, will blossom again and laugh at the gardener; the gardener's blessing will rest on it. O if Christ had no reason to be jealous about me, after this, and believe and keep good living with my dearest Husband; for he has been kind to this stranger. And yet in all this fair hot summer weather I am kept from saying, 'It is good to be here,' because of my silence and grieving to see my mother wounded and have her veil taken from her and the fair temple thrown down. I have pain in my belly; my soul is down because of the captivity of the daughter of my people and because of the fury of the Lord and His fierce anger against  apostate Scotland. Madam, I pray here that my sufferings may preach to the four quarters of this land and so tell others how generous Christ has been to the prisoner and the oppressed stranger. Why should I hide? I know of no other way to glorify Christ but to openly proclaim His love and His soft and sweet kisses to me in the fire, and of his faithfulness to those who suffer for Him. Write to me if you will help me to pray and praise but rather to praise and rejoice in the salvation of God. Grace, grace be with you
   Yours in his dearest and only, only Lord Jesus,   S.R.

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