Monday, March 11, 2019

Rutherford revised (67)

67. To William Fullarton, Provost (mayor) of Kirkcudbright (husband to Marion M'Naught)   From Aberdeen 21 Sep 1636

Much honoured and very dear friend, -  I am in good health, blessed be the Lord, remaining here in this unfamiliar town, a prisoner for Christ and His truth. And I am not ashamed of His cross. My soul is comforted with the consolations of His sweet presence for whom I suffer. 
   I seriously beg you to give your honour and authority to Christ, and for Christ and not be troubled by flesh and blood while you are for the Lord and for his truth and cause. And though we see the truth suffering the worst for a while, yet Christ will be a friend to truth and will care  for those who dare risk all that they have for Him and for His glory. Sir our fair day is coming and the judgement will change and wicked men will weep in the afternoon, sorer then the sons of God who weep in the morning. Let us believe and hope for God's salvation.
   Sir I hope I do not need to write to you for your kindness and love to my brother who is now troubled for the truth of God like I am. I think myself bound to pray for you  and kind wife and children, for your love to him and me also. I hope your efforts for us in Christ will not be in vain. So recommending you to the tender mercy and lovingkindness of God, I rest,
   Your very loving and affectionate brother,   S. R. 

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