Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Rutherford revised (95)

95. To the Right Honourable and Christian Lady, the Viscountess of Kenmure  From Aberdeen 1637

Madam,-  Grace, mercy and peace be to your Ladyship. I will not fail to write a line with this Christian bearer; one, who like your Ladyship, was in and by her troubles, driven near to Christ. I wish my friends in Galloway would not forget to me. Whatever happens, Christ is so good, I will have no other teacher, though I could have opportunity and choice of ten thousand others. I now think  to have five hundred heavy hearts for Him would be too little. I wish that Christ, who is now weeping, suffering and condemned by men, was more dear and desirable too many souls than He is. I am sure that if the saints wanted Christ's cross, which is so profitable and so sweet, they might for the gain and glory of it, wish it was lawful either to buy or borrow His cross. But it is a mercy that the saints have it given into their hands for nothing; for I know no sweeter way to heaven than through free grace and hard trials together; and one of these cannot be separated from the other.
   O that time would go faster, and speed our looked for communion with that fairest, fairest among the sons of men! O that the day would favour us and come, and put Christ and us into each other's arms! I am sure that a few years will be enough for us, and the soldier's time will soon run out. Madam, look to your lamp, and look for your Lords Coming, and let your heart live away from that sweet child. Christ's jealousy will not allow two equal loves in your Ladyship's heart. He must have one, and that be the greatest; a little one for creature may and must be sufficient for a soul married to Him. 'For your Maker is your husband' (Is 54:5). I would wish you well, and my obligations in these many years past, speak to me no less; but I can neither wish, nor desire, nor pray more for your Ladyship, then Christ chose out from all created good things, though Christ was wet with His own blood, and wearing a crown of thorns. I am sure that the saints, even at their best, are only strangers to the weight and worth of the incomparable sweetness of Christ. He is so new, so fresh every day in excellency of newness, turn those that search for more and more in Him, as if heaven could supply us with as many new Christs (if I may say so) as there are days between us and Him; and yet He is one and the same. Oh, we have an unknown lover when we love Christ!
   Let me hear all about the child. The prayers of a prisoner of Christ be on him. Grace for evermore be with your Ladyship until glory perfects it.
   Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus,   S.R.

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