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Rutherford revised (49)

4To Marion M'Naught             From Anwoth Undated 

Well-beloved and dear Sister,- My love in Christ remembered. God has brought me home from a place where I have been exercised with great depression, and I have found at home new reason for sadness, yet I can only give thanks in all things. 
   In my business in Edinburgh, I have not seen nor wronged my party, by his own confession, and by the conversation of his friends, I have given from my possessions for peace and keeping my Lord's truth from criticism, which is dearer to me than anything and I have. My mother is weak,  and I think we'll leave me alone; but I am not alone, because Christ's Father is with me.
    For your business concerning your town I see great evidence; but Satan and his allies are against it, and few put their shoulders to Christ''s shoulder to help Him. But He will do all His work alone; and I can only encourage you to believe, and persuade you, that the hungry in your city will be fed; and as for the rest that want feeding, the cuts from God's loaf will be sufficient for them; and therefore, believe it will be well. I may not leave my mother in order to come and tell you of all particulars. I have given such directions to our dear friend as I can; but the matter is in our dear Lord's hands. 
   God's Church abroad flourishes, and his arm is not shortened with us, if we could believe. There is a scarcity and famine of the word of God in Edinburgh. Your sister Jane works hard in our business; hast not as yet got an answer from I P. Mr Alexander Colville will do what he can. My Lady says she can do little, and that it does not suit her nor her husband not to be able to speak in such an affair. I plainly told her my mind.
   I long to know how things are with you. Remember me heartily to your dear husband. Grace be the part for your children. I know all you care about the green wound of our sister church in Ireland. Ask our Lord to put a plaster on it (He is skilled it to do so), and to set others to work. Grace, grace on your soul, body and all yours,
    Yours in Christ,   S.R.

The following note may be a postscript to the above.

Dear Mistress - Today I do not have time to write you; but God knowing my present situation and the needs of my calling, will, I hope, spare my mother's life for a time, for which I have reason to thank the Lord. I beg you, do not to be sad because of what I wrote to you before concerning the planting of the minister in your town. Believe and you will see the salvation of God. I write this, because when you suffer, my heart suffers with you. I do believe your soul will have joy in your work and holy desires for that work. Grace on you and your husband and children.
   Yours ever in Christ,

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