Monday, March 04, 2019

Rutherford revised (54)

54. To Marion M'Naught            From Anwoth Undated

Loving and dear sister, -  I fear that you are troubled and downcast because of the recent wrong received by your husband in your Town Council. But I pray that Ayou may comfort yourself in the Lord; for a just cause stays under the water only as long as wicked men hold their hand above it; their arm will tire and then the just cause will swim up, and the light that is sown for the righteous will spring up and grow. If you were not strangers here the dogs of the world would not bark at you. You may see all the twists and turns that are in your way to heaven in Gods word; for he will not lead you to the kingdom close by, but you must go through 'through honour and dishonourthrough slander and praiseWe are treated as impostorsand yet are trueas unknownand yet well knownas dyingand beholdwe liveas punishedand yet not killed; as sorrowfulyet always rejoicingas pooryet making many richas having nothingyet possessing everything' (2Cor 6;8-10). The world is one of the enemies with which we have to fight, but it is a defeated and overcome enemy, and like a beaten and dismayed soldier; for our Jesu weres has taken the armour from it. Let me then speak to you in His words, 'Be of good courage,'  says the Captain of our salvation, for I have overcome the world'. You shall neither be free of the lashes of the tongue nor of disgraces, (even if it were slaps and spittings on the face, as was our Saviour's case), if you follow Jesus Christ. I beg you by the heart of our Lord Jesus; keep a good conscience, as I trust you do. You do not live by men's opinion; gold maybe gold and have the king's stamp on it, even when it is trampled on by men. Happy are you, if when the world tramples on you, you have your credit and a good name, for you are the Lord's gold, stamped with the King of heaven,s image, and sealed by the Spirit to the day of your redemption. Pray for the spirit of love for, ' Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,endures all things' (1Cor 13:7). 
   And I pray for you and your husband, yes, I charge you before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, to pray for these your enemies, and read this to your husband from me, and let both of you put on, as they elect God, hearts of mercy. And sister, remember how many thousands of talents of sins your Master has forgiven you. Therefore, forgive your fellow servants one talent. Follow God's command in this and, ' not to follow5after your own heart and your own eyes' in this matter as the Spirit speaks (Num 15:39). Never ask for the advice of your own heart here,; the world will now blow up your heart and make it swell unless the grace of God makes it fall. Jesus, even Jesus the Eternal Wisdom of the Father give you wisdom. I trust God will be glorified in you. And the door will be opened for you as the Lord's 'prisoners of hope', as Zachariah speaks. It is good for you, that the wicked are God's fan to purify you. And I hope that they will not blow away any corn or spiritual graces, but only your chaff. I ask you in your work,  do not rely on the law of man and so wander from the law of God. Do not be depressed: if you saw Him who is standing on the shore, holding out His arms to welcome you to land; you would not only wade through a sea of wrongs, but  hell itself to be with Him. And I trust in God, you sometimes see Him. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit and all yours.
    your brother in the Lord,   S.R.

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