Friday, March 15, 2019

Rutherford revised (81)

81. To John Maine              From  Aberdeen 5 Jan 1637

Worthy and dear brother, - Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I have been too long answering your letter, but I had other business. I am here waiting to see if a fair wind will turn on Christ's sails in Scotland, and if deliverance will break out for this beclouded and benigtied church. O , that we would contend by prayers and supplications, with our Lord to that end! I know that He has not given out his last judgement against this land.  I have a little of Christ in this prison, but groanings and longings and desires. All my share of Christ is some hunger for Him, and yet I can only say I am rich in that. My faith, and the hope, and holy practice of new obedience, are hardly worth speaking of. But blessed be my Lord, who takes me light, and clipped and naughty and foolish as I am. I see that Christ will not argue with me, nor stand on steppingstones; but comes openly without ceremonies, and making it nice,  to make a poor ransomed one His own. O that I could feed upon his breath and kissing and embracing and on the hopes of meeting Him! When love letters will not go between us, but He will be the messenger Himself! But it needs patience on our part, until the summer fruit in heaven is ripe for us. It is in the bud; but there are many things to do before our harvest comes. And we are unhappy with it, and can hardly endure to face one of Christ's storms, and go to heaven with wet feet and pain and sorrow.  We love to carry a heaven to heaven with us, and would have two summers in one year, and no less than two heavens. That this will not do for us: one (and such a one) is well enough sufficient for us. The man Christ only got one and shall we have two?
   Remember my love in Christ to your father; and help me with your prayers. If you will be a deep Christian, I recommend sanctification to you. Fear Him and He will reveal His covenant to you. Grace be with you.
   Yours in his sweet lord Jesus,   S.R.

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