Monday, March 04, 2019

Rutherford revised (55)

55. To Marion M'Naught            From Anwoth Undated

Worthy and well-beloved Mistress, -  My love in Christ remembered. I know you have heard of the aim of my enemies to try to do what they can against me at this Synod concerning the work of God in your town when I was at your Communion. They intend to call me in question at the Synod for treasonable doctrine. Therefore, help me with your prayers and ask your friends to help me also. You have heard how Christ was there. If He lets His servant get a fractured skull in His own kingly service and not either help or revenge the wrong; well I never saw the like. There is not a drunk by night, time serving, idol, idle Shepherd to be spoken against; I am the only man; and because it is so; I know God will not help them lest they be proud; and I am confident their plans will fall to pieces. Only pray to God for a hearing, for an open ear, and the reading of the bill, that he may in heaven hear both parties and judge accordingly. And doubt, not fear; not those who now ride  highest will not put Christ out of His kingly possession in Scotland. The pride of man and his anger will turn into the praise of our Lord. It is an old battle that the rulers of the earth, the dragon and his angels have carried to the Lamb and his followers; but the followers of the Lamb will overcome by the Word of God. And believe this, and wait a little till they have got there womb full of clay and gravel; and then they will know, (though stolen waters are sweet), Esau's part is not worth the hunting. Remember me to your husband and let me know how Grizel is. The Son of God lead her through the water.  The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
    Yours in his only, only Lord Jesus,   S. R.

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