Sunday, March 17, 2019

Diary w/e 23 Mar

Sun 15 Mar

Drove to South Tottenham and reached at the grans Victorian edifice of Woodberry Down, Baptist Church. Prayer meeting, mainly Caribbean ladies before the service. Worship time and I was handed a tambourine (mine is banned at IPC0. Contemporary songs in the modern repetitive style. pastoral prayer when I was introduced and read hab1-2:1, the last verse being my text on what to do in suffering. Went well and was followed by a birthday lunch for a 99 year old lady member. Caribbean food including goat stew. IPC evening service, Paul Levy excellent on Num 34. There is no holy land for the earth is the Lord's. Pleased to see two of my fellow elders who have undergone surgery are now back worshipping with us.

Tues 19 Mar

Chris Roberts excellent as usual at the lunchtime talk - Gal 1:10-2:10. The Gospel Conspiracy. Paul's gospel not from man, from God and the apostles too.

Wed 20 Mar

Six of us at our last house group on Titus. The five absentees were sick or working.Carer rang to say Hazel not well. I rand A%E Ealing where she spent to night.

Th 21 Mar

6 out of 11 elders at early prayer. Two convalescing, two working, one with a child's birthday celebration.

Fri 22 Mar

Second day of pastoral visit to a member in Ealing Hospital with suspected pulmonary embolism.

Sat 23 Mar

A good day with the family at Hauxton, Cambridge. I went to one garden centre, Katy to two.

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