Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Get on with Brexit!

So the referendum was not binding on parliament. But surely it has moral force and MPs should implement it. It was about whether to leave the EU or stay in. The question was not about how one viewed the economic prospects either way. So if the terms of leaving were not put to the people so why are MPs not implementing the Brexit vote and being bogged down in asking terms and deals? We the people voted Brexit, no ifs, no buts, no conditions. We were taken into the Common Market with lies about it being a merely economic affair not political. I voted to leave because the EU is political. Leave : then discuss the economy. Principle before money. Unrealistic? Idealistic? Principled - the word lost from the vocabulary of pragmatist politicians. Our history shows our survival was because we were an island nation state. Let us get back to being an independent United Kingdom. First Brexit. Then trade deals. Then consider reuniting a recently devolved kingdom.

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