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Rutherford revised (51)

51. To Marion M'Naught            From Anwoth 8 Jul 1635

Loving and dear sister, - for the church's sake, do not be quiet nor be discouraged for this continuing persecution. Jehovah is in the burning Bush. The floods may swell and roar,  but it are our ark will swim above the water; it cannot sink because a Saviour is in it. Because our Beloved was not let in by His bride when he stood at the door, with His wet and frozen head, therefore he would have us look for Him for a while; and while we are looking, the watchmen who go about the walls have hit the poor woman and have taken away from her her veil. But in a little time our Lord will come again. Scotland's sky will clear again; this moment must pass. I dare in faith say and write (I am not dreaming),  Christ is only seeking what (He will have and make) a clean shining bride from out of the fire. God send Him on his way; He cannot fail to find what He seeks. In the meantime, one way or another, He will find  or make a nest for his mourning dove. What is this we are doing breaking the neck of our faith? We have not yet come to the mouth of the Red Sea; and we had, for His honour's sake, He must  dry it up. It is our part to die gripping and holding tight to his faithful promise as the servants of God. If the Beast did get permission to ride through the land to mark those are his; he will not get one lamb, for all these are secured and marked as the servants of God. In God's name, let Christ take His threshing floor and all that is in, it to a hill and winnow it. Let him sift His corn, and the sweep His house and look for His lost gold. The Lord will fix the rumbling wheels or turn them for he restrains the rest of his wrath. He can unfastened the belt of kings; to God their belt with which they are dressed, is fastened with a single knot. 
  As for a pastor for your town, your conscience witnesses that you have done your part. Let the Master of the vineyard now look to his garden seeing you have gone on until he has said, 'Stand still.' The will of the Lord be done. But a trial does not mean to give up on God and believe no more. I thank my God in Christ, I find the force of my temptation lessened and its edge blunted since I last spoke to you. I do not know if the tempter is hovering until he finds the waters gather again, and I am more secure; but this has been my burden and I am more confident that the Lord will strengthen and deliver me. 
   I intend, God willing, that our communion will be celebrated the first Sabbath after Easter. May our Lord, that great Master of the feast, sender us one hearty and heartfelt supper; for I think it will be the last. But we expect that is when the shadow  fly away and our Lord will come to his garden, that he will without fear, feed us in green pastures. The dogs will not then be let loose among the sheep. I strongly ask for your prayers for assistance in the work and get others with you to do the same. Remember me to your husband and tell your daughter to be kind to Christ and seek to be near Him; He will give her a welcome to his house of wine and bring her into the King's room. O how will the sight of his face and the smell of his clothes attract and overcome the heart. Now, the love of the lovely Son of God be with you.
   Yours in his sweet Jesus,   S.R.

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