Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rutherford revised (71)

71. To Hugh M'Kail    From Aberdeen 22 Nov 1636

Reverend and dear brother, - I thank you for your letter. I can only show you that I never expected anything from Christ except much good and kindness; and so he has made me find it in the house of my pilgrimage. And believe me brother, I write it myself; that  whoever looks to the white side of Christ's cross and can take it up truly with faith and courage, will find it such a burden as sails are to ship or wings to a bird.  I find that my Lord has gilded over that black tree and has perfumed it and oiled it with joy and consolation. Once, like a fool, I would argue and plead with Christ and slander Him to others concerning unkindness. But I trust in God I will not call His frowns unkind again, for He has taken me from my sackcloth, and I truly cannot tell you what a poor Joseph and prisoner (with whom my mother's children were angry) does now think of kind Christ. I will complain no more, providing He will forget what is past, for I am poor. I am taught in this bad weather to go on the sheltered side of Christ and to put Him between me and the storm and (I thank God) I walk on the sunny side of the hill. I will write so you may speak on my behalf the praises of God to others, that my chains may preach. O, if all Scotland knew the feasts and love looks and visits that the bishops has sent to me! I will truly give my Lord Jesus free discharge from all that I, like a fool did charge him with, and beg him for pardon to make amends. God grant that in my temptations I do not come on His wrong side again, and never again in my fever, rail against my Doctor.
   Brother, plead with your mother while you have time. A pulpit would be a great feast to me, but I dare not say one word against Him who has done it. As yet I am not out of the house. My sweet  Master says, I shall have house-room at his own elbow, though their synagogue will need force to us to throw us out. I would love to receive a letter. Grace be with you. Pray for me.
   Your brother and Christ's prisoner, S.R.

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