Monday, March 11, 2019

Rutherford revised (65)

65. To Robert Gordon of Knockbreck From Edinburgh 5 Sep 1636

(Knockbreck or Knockbrex was in the parish next to Anwoth. Gordon preferred to come to Anwoth and hear Rutherford for in his own parish the minister had Episcopalian sympathies. Knockbrex overlooks Wigtown Bay. Gordon was an elder from Kirkcudbright presbytery at the 1638 Glasgow General Assembly. )

My dearest brother, -  I see Christ thinks shame (if I may say so) to be in such company as a poor man like me. I burden no man; I want nothing; no face has frowned on me since I left you. Gods sun and fair weather takes me to my timely paradise in Aberdeen. Christ has so handsomely fitted this rough tree of the cross to my shoulders, that it in no way hurts me. My treasure is up in Christ's store; my comforts are greater than you can believe; my pen is silent because of poverty of words to write about them. God knows I am filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Only in my memory of you, my dearest in the Lord,, my flock and others, keeps me under and from being high beyond measure. Christ's sweet sauce has this sour mixed with it, but O such a sweet and pleasant taste! I have a small hopes of Q's matter. Writing quickly. Remember me to your wife and to William Gordon. Grace be with you.
    Yours is His only, only Lord Jesus,   S.R.

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