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Rutherford revised (94)

94. To the Noble and Christian Lady, the Viscountess of Kenmure           From Aberdeen 1637

Madam,- Grace, mercy, and peace be to you. I would the not miss this opportunity to write to your Ladyship with the bearer. I am glad that the child is well. May God's favour, even in the eyes of men, be seen on him!
   I hope your Ladyship is thinking about these sad and miserable days in which we now live, when our Lord, in his righteous judgement, is sending the church to Rome's brothel house  to find a lover of her own, seeing she has given up on Christ her Husband. Oh, what sweet comfort, what rich salvation, is stored up for those who would rather wash and roll their clothes in their own blood, than break off from Christ by apostasy! Keep yourself in the love of Christ, and stand far back from the pollutions of the world. Do not take the side of these times, and keep away from coming near the signs of a conspiracy with those who have now come out against Christ, so you may be kept for Christ only. I know that your Ladyship thinks about this, and how you may be humbled for yourself and this backsliding land; for I am sure wrath from the Lord has gone out against Scotland. Yes, I think the longer the better concerning my royal and worthy Master. He has become a new Well beloved to me now in renewed comforts by the presence of the Spirit of grace and glory. Christ's clothes smell of the merchant's powder, when He comes out of His ivory rooms. Oh. His perfumed face, His fair face, His lovely and kind kisses, have made me, at poor prisoner, see that there is more from Christ in this life that I believed! We think is but a little promise, a short time, a small tasting, that we have or is to be had, in this life (which is true compared with the inheritance); but yet I know it is more: it is the kingdom of God within us. Woe, woe is me, that I have not ten loves for that one Lord Jesus; and that love fails, and dries up in loving Him; and I find no way to spend my desires of love, and the centre of my heart on that fairest and dearest One. My narrow heart is far behind. Oh, how low a soul I have to take in Christ's love! For if worlds be multiplied, according to angels, understanding, in millions, while they weary themselves, these worlds would not contain this thousanth  part of his love. Oh, could get in among the crowd of angels, and seraphim, and glorified saints, and could raise a new love song about Christ, before all the world! I am taken up wondering at newly opened treasures in Christ. If every finger, member, bone and joint, was is a torch burning in the hottest fire of hell, I wish they could all send out love praises, high songs of praise for evermore, to that Plant of Renown, to that royal and high Prince, Jesus my Lord. But alas! His love swells up in me, and finds no escape. Alas, what can a dumb prisoner do or say for Him! Oh for a press to write about Christ and His love! No I am left by him bound and chained with His love. I cannot find a soul loosed enough to lift up His praises, and give them out to others. But oh my daylight has thick clouds; I cannot shine in his praises. I am often like a ship going about to seek the wind; my sailing is leisurely, and cannot be blown upon that loveliest Lord. Oh, if I could turn my sail to Christ's compass point, and that I had my heart's fill of His love! But I only spoil His praises: no, I know of no comparison of what Christ is and what His is worth is. All the angels, and all the glorified, praise him not half enough. Who can promote Him, or speak all His praises? I lack nothing; strangers are good to me; enemies must speak good about the truth; my Master's cause is promoted.
   My hopes of freedom appear poor. My faith can only rest on God's almighty power. The goodwill of the Lord and His sweetest presence be with you and that child. Grace and peace be yours.
   Your  Ladyship's in all duty in his sweet Lord Jesus,   S. R.

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