Thursday, March 07, 2019

Rutherford revised (60)

60.To Marion M'Naught              From Edinburgh 28 Jul 1636

My dear and well-beloved in Christ, - I am yet under trial, and I have appeared before Christ's forbidden bishops for a witness against them. The Chancellor and the rest tempted me with questions, nothing to do with my summons, which I declined to answer despite his threats. My newly printed book against the Arminians was one challenge; not respecting the bishops another. When I came in, most of the bishops looked more astonished than I did, and they heard me in silence. Some spoke for me, but now  the Lord has made it so that I am filled with joy in my sufferings, and I find Christ's cross to be sweet. I do not know what they intend tomorrow. Do not rest but pray. Our Bishop of Galloway said that if the  commission would not do his will concerning me (he said it with an oath), he would write to the King. In judgement the Chancellor summoned  me to appear in eight days time. My Lord has brought me a friend from the Highlands of Argyll, my Lord of Lorn, who is done as much as he could. God gave me a favour in his sight. Mr Robert Glendinning is silenced until he accepts a colleague. We yet hope to do better for him. Christ can be trusted. Your husband will get an and easy and good way in his business. You and I will both see the salvation of God on Joseph separate from his brothers. Grace the with you.   S.R.

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