Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Diary w/e 9 Mar

Sun 3 Mar

Katy not well enough for cello so I skipped Sunday School. PL on parable of sower and Num 31 - the journey.

Mon 4

7/11 Ealing elders at our business meeting with two visiting elders. Since we have been in our new building, evening attendance is 100+, mornings many more. Now 164 members, 122 communicants, 118 voting.

Tue 5
We have a visitor from IPC Italy here for Synod. U3A World Religions on naming ceremonies. I spoke about baptism. Other members gave Jewish and Communist customs. Unfortunately Muslim and Hindu members were absent.

Wed 6

U3A new members coffee morning; a few recruits for my groups.  Took Katy for eye examination which took nearly 2 hours total at Grand Union Village. Numbers slightly down at prayer meeting but pleased to have men from Euro Presbytery there. found Botox has relaxed the bladder so I need catheterisation.

Th 7
Excellent lunch with Littles at Onik Pizzeria, West Ealing. Good food. Great value.

Fri 8
By two buses and a walk to Synod at Kingston Korean Church. Great Korean lunch and a lift home. Two Joels staying, the clerks of both Presbytery and Synod.

Sat 9
One Joel left early for Italy then I took the other to presbytery where Grey Sutanto from Jakarta preach and was examined for ordination.

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