Friday, March 15, 2019

Rutherford revised (80)

80. To Marion M'Naught    From  Aberdeen 3 Jan 1637

My dearly beloved sister, - Grace, mercy and peace to you. I complain that Galloway has not been kind to me by letter. In these past sixteen weeks I have only received two letters. I am well. My prison is a palace to me, and Christ's banqueting house. My Lord Jesus is so kind. O that all Scotland knew my position, and had part of my feast! I charge you in the name of God, I charge you to believe. Fear not the sons of men; the worms will eat them. To pray and believe now, when Christ seems to say no, is better than before. Die believing; die with Christ's promise in your hand. I want, I request, I charge your husband and that town, to stand for the truth of the Gospel. Fight with Christ's enemies; and I ask you show all Christians who you know, my situation. Help me to praise. The ministers here envy me; they would have my prison changed. My mother has borne me are this is  quarrelling man, and one that fights with the whole earth. Remember my love to your husband. Grace be with you.
   Yours is the Lord,      SR..

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