Monday, March 04, 2019

Rutherford revised (52)

52. To Marion M'Naught            From Anwoth Undated

Well-beloved mistress,- I charge you in the name of the Son of God, to rest upon your Rock which is higher then you. Do not be afraid of man who is a worm, nor of the son of man who will die. God be your fear. Encourage your husband. I would advise you to write to Edinburgh to some suitable lawyers, to understand what your husband, as the head magistrate, may do in opposing any minister forced on you, and in his manner toward the new Bishop,  if he is commanded to imprison or arrest anyone, and in a word, how far he may in his office disobey a bishop without legal problems. For if the Bishop comes to your town and does not find obedience; it is likely he will command the Provost to assist him against God and the truth. You will have more courage under persecution. She not; take Christ's guarantee who said, ' But not a hair of your head will perish.' (Luk 21:18). Christ will not you have you in debt for Him and not give you money with interest. By his honour his servants will not to be out of pocket in his service. You were never honoured until now. And if your husband will be the first magistrate to suffer in Christ's name in this persecution; he can rejoice that Christ has put the first wreath on his head and on yours. Truth will yet keep the crown of the road in Scotland. Christ and truth are strong enough. They judge others now; we will one day judge them and sit on twelve thrones and judge the twelve tribes. Believe, believe; for they dare not pray; they dare not look Christ in the face. There have been false to Christ and he will not support their wrong. You know it is not our cause; for if we would leave our Lord, we might sleep soundly at present and keep to our place, position and honour, and be close to them also; but the let us put all we have in Christ's hand. Do not be afraid about my papers; I will send them and you will be asked for them. The Spirit of Jesus give you inner peace. Ask your husband from me to be honest with Christ. He will not be a loser at Christ's side.
   Yours ever in his sweet Lord Jesus,  SR 

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