Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rutherford Revised (365)

365. To Mr. John Murray, Minister of Methven From St. Andrews 

Reverend and Dear Brother,If I rightly apprehend our condi- tion, we are in a way of declining. We were, within these few years, more in the conscionable use of means, and the Lord did shine upon us in some measure; and now we are fallen from that which we were. It is judged fit by some (and many of our solidest professors) that if we cannot have them in congregations, yet families and private persons may have days of humiliation, at least the last Wednesday of every month or thereabout, according to the best conveniency of Providence. And if this were gone about in your country, and in Stirlingshire, Fife, in Merse, Teviotdale, the West, in Nithsdale and Galloway, and other places, it would prove our strength and help; for we are few and very low. Our enemies are not idle; and there is a faintness and heartless discouragement on the spirits of many. These are to ask that you would combine with Mr. Robert Campbell,Mr. John Cruickshanks, and other of our brethren in your area, to stir up one another that we may wrestle with the Lord for the remnant. I am confident the Lord will yet be inquired of us for this. Though the same particular day be not observed, yet, where many are on work, some salvation from the Lords arm is to be expected. I am decaying most sensibly, and I should look on it as a mercy if the Lord would send a wakening among His own. And blessed shall he be who shall blow the trumpet to cause other sleeping ones awake, and shall help to build the wastes, and the fallen tent of David. I shall earnestly desire you do bestir yourself in his.I shall write to J——, and to others here, and do the best I can to give you a convenient account; for nothing is left to us but that.page738image3012747072
   So remembering me to your wife, and expecting your help, I rest,              Your own brother, S. R.
   Mr. Robert Anderson is most eagerly desired for by the parishioners of Leuchars, and as strenuously opposed by our brethren here.

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