Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rutherford revised (304)

My dear and worthy sister,- You are truly blessed in the Lord, however a sour world frowns on you, if you continue in he faith settled and grounded, and do not be moved away from tne hope of the Gospel. It is good that there is a heaven, and it is not a night dream or a fancy. It is amazing men do not deny there is a heaven, as they deny there is any way to it except what men make. You have learned from Christ that there is a heaven; fight for it and for Christ. Bear well and submissively the hard thrust of this stepmother world, which God will not let you have. I confess it is hard, and would to God I was able to lighten you of your burden; but believe me, this world which the Lord will not let you have, is only the dross, refuse, and scum of God's creation, the part of the Lord's poor hired servants, the moveables, not he inheritance  a hard bone thrown to the dogs outside the New Jerusalem, on which they rather break their teeth than satisfy their appetite. It is your Father's blessing and Christ's birthright that our Lord is keeping for you; and persuade yourself also that (if it is good for them and you) your descendants will also inherit the earth; for that is promised to them, and God's promise is as good as if he would give every one of them a promise for thousand thousands.
   Before you were born, crosses in number, measure and weight were written for you; and your Lord will lead you through them. Make Christ sure, and the world and the blessings of the earth will be a Christ's back and call. I see many professors, for the fashion, professors of glass. I would make a little knock of persecution hit hem into twenty pieces, and the world would laugh at the shreds. So make sure work; see that Christ is the foundation of your profession. The sore wind and rain will not wash away His building; His work has no lesser time than o stand for evermore. I would have perished in my trouble twenty times, if I had not laid my weak back and pressing load, both upon the Stone, the Cornerstone laid in Zion. I am not twice (as he proverb is) but once and for ever of his Stone. Now the God of peace establish you to the day of the appearance of Jesus Christ. Yours,  S.R.

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