Monday, September 23, 2019

Rutherford Revised (340)

340. To Mr. Thomas Wylie,  From St. Andrews 23 Mar 1653

(See letter 306)

Right Reverend,I look on it as a significant expression of your respect to me, and above all I deserve, that you take notice of any appearance of clouds, or alienation of mind among brethren; and am glad of your testimony of my brother. I had no interest but brotherly advice, and hearty desire of the real prospering of the work of the Gospel. Nor was it either necessary or expedient, that your w[isdoms] should be troubled and put to any presbyterial testimony, upon the ground of a private missive letter, written by misinformation. I give credit to your testimony, and judge much ought to be laid upon it, and shall think myself obliged to your w[isdoms], and look on it as a testimony of your affectionate zeal to the work of God. The Lord of the harvest thrust out labourers to His vineyard, and bless His work in your hands! Excuse me, dear and reverend, for my troubling you with any private misunderstanding. I am not a little refreshed to hear of your care and zeal for the house of God.
   The Lord be with your spirit.
      Your unworthy brother and fellow-labourer in the Gospel,  
S. R.

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