Monday, September 23, 2019

Rutherford Revised (345)

345. To my Lady Kenmure   From St. Andrews 

Madam,I have been so long silent, that I am almost ashamed now to speak. I hear of your weakly condition of body, which speaks some warning to you to look for a longer life, where you will have more leisure to praise than time can give you here. It shall be loss to many; but sure you Madam, will be only free of any loss. And truly, considering what days we are now falling into, if sailing was not serving of the Lord (which I can hardly attain to), a calm harbour would be very good when storms are so high. The Forerunner, who has landed first, must help to bring the sea-beaten vessel safe to the port, and the sick passengers who are following the Forerunner safe ashore. Much deadness prevails over some; but there is much life in Him who is the Resurrection and the Life to give life. Oh, what of our hid life is outside of us, and how little and poor a stock is in the hand of some! The only wise God supply what is wanting. The more you want, and the more your joy has run on, the more is owing to you by the promise of grace. Bygones of waterings from heaven, which your Ladyship wanted in Kenmure, Rusco, the West, Glasgow, Edinburgh, England, etc., will all come in a great sum together. The marriage supper of the Lamb must not be spoiled with too large four-hours’ refreshment. Know, Madam, that He, who has taught you from the breasts, knows how to time His own day-shinings and love-visits.
   Grace, that runs on, be with you. Yours, in the Lord, at all observance,   S. R.

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