Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rutherford Revised (303)

303. To he Right Honourable, my Lady Boyd From St. Andrews

(See letters 77,78,107,210,232,245,277,294)

Madam, - I do not doubt that the debt of many more than ordinary favours to his land lays guiltiness on this nation. The Lord as put us in His books as favoured people in the sight of the nations, but we do not pay Him he rent of the vineyard. And we might have had a gospel at an easier rate than this Gospel; but it would have had as much life as ink and paper have. We stand in debt to Him who has in a manner forced His love on us, and would love us against our will.
   Concerning read prayers. Madam I could never see rule, promise or practice for them, in God's word. Our church never allowed them, but men took them up as their own choice. The word of God makes reading (1Tim 4:13) and prayer (1Th 5:17) two different worships. In reading God speaks to us (Kin 22:10,11)); in praying, we speak to God (Ps 22:2,28:1). I never had faith to think well of them. In my weak judgement, it is good if they are out of the service of God. I cannot think them a fruit or effects of the Spirit of adoption, seeing the user cannot say such prayers, 'Let the words of my mouth, and the mediations of my heart, be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Strengh and my Redeemer.' which he servants of God aught to say of their prayers (Ps 19:14). For such prayers are meditations set down in paper and ink, and cannot be his heart meditations who uses them. The saints never used them, and God never commanded them; and a promise to hear any prayers, except the pouring out of he soul to God, we can never read.
   As to separation from worship for some errors of a church, the independency of single congregations, a church of visible saint, and other beliefs of the Brownists, they are contrary to God's word. I have a book at the press in London against these conceits, as things which lack God's word to allow them. The Lord lay it not to their charge who depart from the covenant of God with this land to follow such lying vanities. 
   I did recently see your daughter, Lady Andross. The Lord has given her a child and deliverance.
   Now, recommending your Ladyship to the rich grace of Christ, I rest, yours at all respecful observance in Christ,  S.R.

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