Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Rutherford revised (313)

313.  To the Viscountess Kenmure  From London 16 Oct 1645

Madam,- Grace, mercy and peace be to your Ladyship. - Though Christ loses no time, yet when sinful men drive His chariot, the wheels of His chariot move slowly. The woman, Zion, as soon as she went into labour, brought forth her children.' Before she was in labour she gave birthbefore her pain came upon her she delivered a son.': (Is 66:7): yet the deliverance of the people was with the woman going with child seven years. That is more than nine months. There are many oppositions o carrying on the work; but I hope he Lord will build His own Zion, and show us it is done,'not nay might, not by power but by the Spirit of the Lord.'
   Madam I have heard of your weaknesses of body and sickness. I know the outcome will be mercy to you, and God's purpose, which lies hidden underground to  you, is to commend the sweetness of His love and care to you from your youth. And if all the sad losses, trials, sicknesses, illnesses, griefs, depression, and the inconstancy of the creature, be explained (as I am sure they are) by he sticks of the jealousy of a Husband in heaven, fighting with all your lovers on earth, though there were millions of them, for your love to fetch more of your love home to heaven, to make it single, unmixed and chaste, to the Fairest in heaven and earth, to Jesus the Prince of ages, you will forgive (to borrow the word) every stick of God, and 'not let the sun go down on your anger' against any messenger of your troubling and correcting Father. Since your Ladyship can only see the target at which Christ has aimed at here, these twenty four years and more, is to have the company and fellowship of such a sinful creature in heaven with Him for all eternity; and because He will not (such is the power of His love) enjoy His Father's glory, and the crown due to Him by eternal generation, without you, by name (Joh 17:14,14:3), so Madam, believe no evil of Chris: listen to no hard reports His sticks make of Him to you. He has loved you and washed you from your sins; and what more would you have? Is that too little unless He postpones all crosses, until you be where you will be out of all ability to sigh or be crossed? I hope you can desire no more, no greater, nor more excellent partnership than Christ and the fellowship of the Lamb for evermore. And if at desire is answered in heaven (as I am sure it is, and you cannot deny it is made sure to you), the lack of these poor things, of a living husband, of many children, of a healthy body, of a leisurely life in the world, without one kno in he wood, are nobly made up and can be comfortably endured.
   Grace, grace be with your Ladyship.
      Your Ladyship's at all obedience in Christ.

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