Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rutherford Revised (351)

 351. To James Durham, Miniser of he Gospel at Glasgow, some few days before his Death. From St. Andrews 15 Jun 1658

[Mr. James Durham was ordained minister of Blackfriars Church, Glasgow, in November 1647. In September 1651 he was translated to the Inner High Church, Glasgow. He was a man at once distinguished for ardent piety and great talents. Robert Baillie counted himone of the most gracious, wise, and able preachers in this isle.” “He is the minister of my family,” the same writer says, and almost the only minister in this place [Glasgow] of whom my soul gets good, and whom I respect in some things above all men I know.Durham was cut off in the prime of life. He died at Glasgow on the 25th of June 1658,ten days after this letter was written to him,in the thirty-sixth year of his age, much regretted by all. (See Letter 91.) He wrote on the Book of Revelation,” “Christ Crucified,” and some other excellent pieces.]

Sir,I would have written to you before now.  had I not known that your health, weaker and weaker, could scarce permit you to hear or read. I need not speak much. The Way you know, and have preached to others the skill of the Guide, and the glory of the home beyond death. And when He says, Come and see,” it will be your gain to obey, and go out and meet the Bridegroom. What entry is made to the higher house of His kingdom should not be our loss, though it be real loss to the church of God. But we count one way, and the Lord counts another way. He is infallible, and the only wise God, and needs none of us. Had He needed the staying in the body of Moses and the prophets, He could have taken another way. Who dare bid you cast your thoughts back on wife or children, when He has said, Leave them to Me, and come up here? Or who can persuade you to die or live, as if that were arbitrary to us, and not His alone who has determined the number of your months? If so it seem good to Him, follow your Forerunner and Guide. It is an unknown land to you, who were never there before; but the land is good, and the company before the throne desirable, and He who sits on the throne is His sole and sufficient heaven.page714image2958313568page714image2958313888
   Grace, grace be with you. Yours in the Lord,      S. R.

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