Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rutherford revised (305)

305. To the Right Honourable Lady, my Lady Kenmure   From St. Andrews 24 July

Madam,- I am a little moved at your infirmity of body and health; and hope it is a real warning to you. 'And if in this life only we have hope, we would be of all men most miserable.' Surely many generations must even here be in possession of a life far superior to the things that at present are with us; such as, to see the sun, to enjoy this life in health, and some good wordly accomodaions too. If we are making this living above the world sure, it is our wisdom. The times would make any who love the Lord sick and faint, to consider how sin abounds, and how dull we are at observing sins in ourselves, and how quick sighted to find them out in others, and what bondage we are in. And yet very often, when we complain of times, we are secretly slandering the Lord's work and wise government of the world and raising a hard report of Him. 'He is good and does good,' and all His ways are equal.
   Madam, I have been holding out to some others (oh, if I could do to myself!) some more of this, to read and study God well, and make the serious thought of a Godhead, and a Godhead in Christ, the work, and the only work all the day. Oh, we are little with God! And do all without God! We sleep and wake whithout Him; we eat, we speak, we journey, we go about worldly business and our calling without God!  And consider what deadness is on the hearts of many, if it was good that some did not pray without God, and preach and praise and read and confer of God without God! It is universally complained of that here is a strange deadness on the land, and on he hearts of His people. Oh, if we could help it!  Bu He who waters every moment His garden of red wine must help it. I believe He will burn the briers and thorns that come against Him.
   I want remember your Ladyship to God; but I can do little in that way. His everlasting goodness will be with you.
   Yours in the Lord Jesus,  S.R.

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