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Rutherford Revised (339)

339. To Grizzel Fullerton  From Edinburgh 14 Mar 1653

(See letter 155 - Marion MNaught, her mother, died 1643.)

Mistress,Remembering well what relation I had to your dear mother (now blessed and perfected with glory), and being confident that you look that way (which, except I be eternally lost, is the way of peace and of life), I should be ungrateful to forget those, whom, by the covenant of the Lord, I cannot but remember to God.
I shall speak nothing to you of the present sad differences; but if I have, or ever had, any nearness to God, that other way (which I trust I shall never follow) is the way of man. And for the present powers, I suffer from them, and look for more. God has a controversy with them; and, my soul, do not enter  into their secrets! Only, I would beg, request, and swear you in the Lord, and by your appearance before Christ, to follow the way of the Lord and the steps trodden by the gracious in that place, which the Lord followed with life and power. My heart is filled with sorrow, considering what communion with God some of that country had, and how much they were in edifying and helping one another, in His way; and how little of that there is now in that country. Your mother kept in life, in that place, and quickened many about her to the seeking of God. My desire to you is, that you should succeed her in that way, and be letting a word fall to your brethren and others, that may encourage them to look toward the way of God. You will have need of it before long. See how you may have a gracious minister, and no neutral there, to succeed and follow the servant of God now asleep in the Lord. There is a great and wide difference between a name of godliness and the power of godliness. That is hottest when there are fewest witnesses. The deadness upon many, and the defection of the land, is great. Blessed are they who seek the Lord and His face.
   I shall ask you to remember me to your husband, and all friends. I do not want to forget any who are in Christ.
   Your brother in the Lord,   S. R.

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