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Rutherford Revised (320)

320. To my Lady Kenmure    From London 16 Feb 1646 

Madam,It is very like that the Lords controversy with these two nations is only now beginning, and that we are ripened and white for the Lords sickle.
   For the particular condition your Ladyship is in, another might speak (if they would say all) of more sad things. If there was not a fountain of free grace to water dry ground, and an uncreated wind to breathe on withered and dry bones, we were gone. The wheels of Christs chariot (to pluck us out of the womb of many deaths) are winged like eagles. All I have is, to want to believe that Christ will show all good-will to save; and as for your Ladyship, I know that our Lord Jesus carries on no design against you, but seeks to save and redeem you. He does not lie in wait for your falls, except it is to take you up. His way of redeeming is ravishing and taking.        There are more miracles of glorified sinners in heaven than can be on earth. Nothing of you, Madam, no, not even your leaf, can wither.
  Truly, it is a kings life to follow the Lamb. But when you see Him in His own country at home, you will think you never saw Him before: He will be admired of all them that believe” (2 Thess. i. 10). You may judge how far all your now sad days, and tossings, changes, losses, wants, conflicts, will then be below you. You look to the cross: now it is above your head, and seems to threaten death, as having a control  but it will then be so far below your thoughts, or your thoughts so far above it, that yo will have no leisure to lend one thought to old-dated crosses, in youth, in age, in this country or in that, from this instrument or from another, except it be to the heightening of your consolation, being now got above and beyond all these.page664image3470713712page664image3470714064
Old age, and waxing old as a garment,” is written on the fairest face of the creation (Ps. 102. 26). Death, from Adam to the Second Adams appearance, plays the king and reigns over all. The first Heir died; His children, whom the Lord ha given, follow Him. And we may speak freely of the life which is here; if it was heaven, there were not much gain in godliness. But there is a rest for the people of God. Christ-man possesses it now one thousand six hundred years before many of His members; but it does not wear out.
   Grace be with you.
      Your Ladyship
s, in Christ Jesus,  S. R.

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