Monday, September 23, 2019

Diary w/e 21 Sep

Sun 15 Sep

Laurens look add Sunday School on 'I believe in God the Father'. Levy on the unforgiving debtor and on God's sovereignty. Farewell ar Raes for Jessica and Isaac off to university.

Tue 17 Sep

Lifting down and up a heavy hanging basket has left me wiyj a sprained left shoulder.

Wed 18 Sep

Met with the Dementia Concern supervisor looking after Hazel.

Th 19 Sep

8am leftest for Thirsk via Paddingon, Kings Cross and York for he funeral of 92 year old Vera Graham, my la surviving aunt. Come 10:30pm as the railway would no let us on earlier rains han he tne reserved.

Fr 20

Katy had a bang reversing out of a Tesco parking space. Woe argued with the man driving out opposite that it was 50:50 responsibility. Very stiff after all of yesterday's walking between stations.

Sat 21

Jubilee of IPC. %) ears since Francis Schaeffer particularised the congregation. I was interviewed. Many visitors and local to following barbecue.

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