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Rutherford Revised (356)

356. To Mr. John Murray, Minister of Methven   From St. Andrews 25 Jun 1660

[Mr. John Murray was one of the Protesters (see BaillieLetters); and was committed prisoner to the Castle of Edinburgh for meeting with a few of his brethren to draw up a congratulatory address to Charles II. upon his restoration, expressing their loyalty, and reminding him of the obligation of the Covenant. He was summoned to appear before the Parliament on the charge of high treason, but at length was liberated. About 1672 he was apprehended and imprisoned in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh for alleged house-conventicles. When set at liberty, he was confined to the parish of Queensferry, and ordained to wait upon ordinances and abstain from keeping conventicles, and to attend the parish church. ]

Reverend and Dear Brother,I would gladly know the outcome of your Synod. We did profess we could not be concluded by the Synod of Fifes [overtures] of union, but upon condition of the taking off the censures of our brethren, which we think injuriously are inflicted. Much is promised to us for the remedying of these censures. I shall believe when I see their performances. I hope you will see that the brethren get no wrong, or the house of God in their persons; and send me a line of the conclusion of the Synod in that business. The paper of union is very general, and comes to no particulars: it only tells the good of union, and contains some protests to us that insinuate the unsavouriness of irregular courses; yet we thought it not safe to yield to any union of that kind, so long as our brethren are under the censures. I much doubt of their honest meaning, and that barriers in the way of entrant ministers and elders be revived. And I see no engagement, so much as verbal, for purging; but the contrary practice is here. Mr. Robert Anderson is as much opposed as if he were the most corrupt sectary or Jesuit.
My wife remembers her to you. Remember me to your own bed-fellow. Grace be with you.
   Your own brother, S. R.

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