Saturday, September 28, 2019

Diary w/e 28 Sep

Sun 23 Sep

Chris Roberts adult Sunday School on 'I believe in Jesus Christ.' Before Paul preached Ps 67 we had an infant and adult baptism, the latter an Afghan convert. Littles came for birthday and anniversary lunch but I was so tired I slept after and also at evening service time.

Mon 24 Sep

Pain in chest leg side again. GP says I am anaemic and orders tests.

Tu 25 Sep

Urology consultant at Central Middlesex says I am looking well in he lighter of him thinking I might die in he July operation.

Wed 26 Sep

Six of us a house group on Amos 7. Completed my Rutherford Revised 365 letters.

Th 27 Sep

Lunch with the Littles a Pillars he West London University Restaurant run by the catering students. Best value lunch in Ealing.

Fri 28 Sep

Tried the new Koz Ocabasi Turkish Restaurant a the end if our road. Very well patronised for a new venture. Enjoyable, especially the Raki. Rewrote our wills with a change of executor.

Sat 29 Sep

Great to see Japan beat Ireland.

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