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Rutherford revised (312)

312. To Mistress Hume, on her Husband's death.   From London 15 Oct 1645

(Probably to Barbara Mein. daughter of Barbara Hamilton, recipient of letter 311, and wife of  minister William Hume who had come to England with the Covenanter army and died of wounds received at Newcastle.)

Loving sister,- Grace, mercy and peace be to you. - If you have anything better than the husband of your youth, you are in debt to Jesus Christ for it. Then do not pay your debts grudgingly. Sorrow lessens the sweet fruit of righteousness; but quietness, silence, submission and faith, put a crown on your sad losses. You know whose voice is that of a crying stick (Mic 6:9). The name and majesty of the Lord is written on the stick; read and learn. Let Christ have the place of the husband. He now does not need you, or your love; for he enjoys as much of the love of Christ as his heart can take. I confess it is an expensive experience, to each you to undervalue the creature; yet it is nto too dear if Christ thinks so. I know the conflicts of your thoughts against his going away way and manner of his death, the instruments, the place, the time, will not give you relief; unless you rise above second causes, and be silent for the Lord has done it. If we measure the goings of the Almighty and His ways (he bottom of which we cannot see), we get God wrong. Oh how little of God do we see! He is far above our receeding and narrow thoughts.He ruled the world in wisdom, before we, creatures of yesterday were born; and will rule it when we lay beside the worm and corruption. Learn heavenly wisdom, self denial, death of sin by this sad loss. I know it is not for nothing (unless you deny God is wise in all He does) that you have lost one on earth. There has been too little of your love and heart in heaven, and so the jealousy of Christ has done this. It is a mercy He does not argue with you and all your lovers. I would desire no greater favour for myself than Chis made a necessity and bind Himself saying,' Such a one I must have.and I cannot live in heaven without such a soul' (Joh 10:16). And, believe it incomprehensible love that Christ says, 'If I enjoy the glory of my Father far above the crown of heaven, far above men and angels, I must use all means, though ever so violent, to have the company of such a one for ever and ever.' If with the eyes of wisdom as a child of wisdom, you justify your mother, the Wisdom of God )whose child you are), you will kiss and embrace this loss, and see much of Christ in it. Believe and submit; and refer the income of the consolations of Jesus, and the event of the testing, to your heavenly Father, who count all your hairs. And put Christ into His own room in your love; it may be he has been either out of His own place, or in a place of love inferior to his worth. Restore Christ in all wrongs done to Him, and love Him for a Husband,; and he who is a Husband to the widow will be to you what He has taken from you.
   Grace be with you.
      Your sympathising brother,  S.R.

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