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Rutherford Revised (334)

334. To the worthy and much honoured Colonel Gilbert Ker   From St. Andrews 18 May 1651

(See letters 328,329, 331,332,333)

Much Honoured and Worthy Sir,I do not know why the people of God would not take notice of the imprisonment of any who have blood in readiness to be let out for His cause; and I judge it was not of you that you did not die in the undecided controversy which the Lord of the whole earth has with the men whom He has sent against us.
Dear and much honoured in the Lord, let me ask you to be far from the thoughts of leaving this land. I see it, and find it, that the Lord has covered the whole land with a cloud in His anger. But though I have been tempted to the like, I had rather be in Scotland beside angry Jesus Christ, knowing that He intends no evil to us, than in Eden or any garden in the earth; if we can remain united with the Lords remnant in the land. He lays up wrath for all sorts of enemies in Britain. Though I should never see the glory of His glittering sword in Britain, I would be comforted in the innocent thought (far from revenge) that the saints will dip their feet in the blood of the slain of the Lord. And truly, Sir, I suppose that you can only come to these thoughts and weak desires before the Hearer of prayer, for as little as you think of and value yourself. For me, if I could mind you in your imprisonment I purpose not to stand to the account you give, or thoughts you have of yourself; though I know you are not a whit, more or less, before Him who weighs His own according to the weight of imputed righteousness, for my concerns. Christ cannot mistake you, men may; and the calculation and esteem of free grace make you to be what you are. I hope to see you an everlastingly obliged debtor to Him whom you will praise but never pay. And truly you have no riches except that debt: and I know that you love to be engaged to Jesus Christ, the most ex- cellent of creditors. Much joy and sweetness may you have, in standing written in His book. I desire to do it myself, and I would have you also highly to esteem the design of Christ, who has raised the riches of the glory of so much grace above the circle of the heaven of heavens, out of very nothings; and contrived His thoughts of love, so that lumps of glorified clay should stand before Him, for all ages, the burdened and loaden debtors of free, eternally free grace. Sir, ye cannot remove the count of the rents of your so great inheritance of glory.
   Grace be with you.
       Your servant, in his own Lord Jesus,   
S. R.

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